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A Listing of events of probable interest.           partial update Nov 13, 2019  is in progress

(If an address is not given for something, you can probably find it listed here.)
In some cases these are specifically interfaith events, others are events of one religion that are not primarily religious services and where you might want to go to see a facility, learn of the culture, or meet people from a different group.  (I do include Hindu religious services, as visitors may want to go the that temple when something is happening and the schedule is so unpredictable.)  Some are civic events likely to draw representation from multiple religious or ethnic groups.  In posting things, we have not always explored all the shades of opinion, so we may not necessarily agree with the views of all the organizers.  We do hope to find things where many of our readers will be either sympathetic or interested in polite discussion of the issues.

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I always appreciate your help in letting me know what your group is doing where members of other groups would be welcome.

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November 13

A nice Associated Press piece on Jewish-Muslim bonds:
Yad VaShem, the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Israel,
has produced a remarkable collection of traveling Museum-quality exhibitions. They consist of downloadable posters that essentially any organization can have printed locally for display locally. But in addition, they are all available online!

October 23

I've been away too long - house guests and minor ailments. So some events came and went without getting posted here.  I've tried to do a major update.
And I've been doing some odd reading, hence:

I've sometimes told people that "The Jews have been around a lot longer than the Christians, so we've had time to split into many more denominations and sects. It's just that when there are fewere of us in a city, more variations of belief manage to get along is a single building."  So not ,in Memphis, but in Jerusalem, the process of schism and sect formation is sometimes pretty visible. Those interested in such things might be interested in the article at
(The only group of the "Hasidic" Jews , also spelled "Chassidic" -  which Christians might call a denomination - is the Chabad synagogue, of the Lubavitcher Hasidim, a much more modern, friendly, and open group than the Gerer Hasidim of this article. Visitors always welcome at Chabad.)

The German intelligence service, Das Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution) has issued a long pamphlet on „Antisemitismus im Islamismus“
("Antisemistism in Islamicism"), interesting in that it careful distinguishes Islamic extremists from normal Muslims and stresses that the antisemitism comes from the extremists. Its a fascinating read for those who like long documents in German.  I'm not sure if an English version is available. It is at for reading or download.

see May 1-2-3 for the early announcement of the Beale St Music Festival

The Lynching Sites of Memphis Newsletter comes out more regularly than mine and often has things I don't fit into mine.
Subscribe by writing to

Daily Memphian Article about the Lynching Sites project
(I tend to presume that most readers of this page see the Commercial Appeal, and that most don't see the Tri-State Defender
Am I wrong?  What about the Daily Memphian?

Planning is still going on for World Religion Day Memphis in January. "We will be scheduling our events soon, so any religious group/spiritual path is welcome to celebrate with us in January, 2020. We are seeking musicians, cultural dancers, and religious groups to join us."  Contact SACI ROY at  for any details or to get on the mailing list..
Sept 14

Need activities for older people in your house of worship? You might want to explore

The quarterly newsletter of St. mary's Episcopal Cathedral is online at 

The September Newwsletter of the Unity Church of Practical Christianity is online at

The Benjamin Hooks Institute events list is online at

Sept 2

The WC Handy House (museum at 4th and Beale has reopened.

I note the death of Baxter Leach, an important survivor of the Sanitation Strike.

I've been looking at more "overseas" news and related items lately and wonder if anyone is interested.
I can't resist noting the death of the first president of GAMBIA, see
  (The US press rarely notes nice peaceful events in Africa. President Barrow was a major contributor to a later democratic tradition in Gambia. Ansumana Darboe, a prominent Memphis Muslim very helpful to interfaith work, comes from Gambia. And I went to college in Gambier, Ohio, which may be the only other place named after that British explorer...)
A 2014 movie "Enemy of the Reich" is on Acorn TV (Amazon Prime) . The movie, by Unity Productions Foundation, which often does Muslim-motivated films, is about a Sufi-trained Muslim-American woman who served with the British underground in France in 1943. (Reviews and clips readily vailable online.)
RE the treatment of immigrants and minorities, consider the problem of Bengalis in Assam (Northeast India). Article in the Atlantic at
"Constance Abbey is a daytime hospitality ministering to St Mary's (Episcopal Cathedral, 700 Poplar) neighborhood. We have grown substantially and would appreciate help in many different ways.  We average 40 daily visits in the clothes closet. That means 160 pairs of socks and underwear are requested weekly.  We are very much in need of: socks, underwear and men's T shirts and shorts.    Tours are free. We would love to show you what we are doing. Please contact Margery at 662.202.5648 for an appointment."

World Religion Day
"Can you kindly remind the Interfaith groups that World Religion Day Memphis will begin the pre-planning meetings tentatively the last Tuesday of each month at Caritas Village. We will be confirming that date with you shortly.
      "Please reach out to any religious faith/paths that might be interested in participating in our pre-planning meetings or become a part of the World Religion Day Memphis 2020 events, please contact us at saciranidd (at) or call 201-759-8617 (Saci Roy). "

St Clare's Retreat Center is an Episcopal center for women  but open to all faiths:  St. John's Episcopal Church invites women to a retreat there October 17-20 - for the whole time, a shorter period, or as a  commuter.

Reservations are open for the Facing History Dinner October 28, see that date below.

From MIFA:
Tickets to MIFA’s Our City, Our Story events are going fast! Reservations for the September 10 Homelessness Here and Now public forum and September 11 Do Good, Love Well benefit luncheon are near capacity and there are about 50 groups participating in the community read of Kathy Izard’s The Hundred Story Home. You can find details about the entire series here. 
If you haven’t already booked your tickets or a table for the Do Good, Love Well luncheon, we hope you will soon. Click here to make your reservations online or call Dorothy McClure at (901) 529-4523 to reserve your place by phone.
To reserve free seats for the Homelessness Here & Now forum, please visit oureventbrite page.

August 12

For those interested in events in Nashville, Jerry and Judy Bettice have pointed out that there is an events list for Nashville or probable interest at

Since I have a cousin who worked for some years in Sri Lanka, I occasionally notice news from there. There is a nice feature about an interfaith activist there (and some of the problems there) at 

There is a new Church Health Center Events Newsletter here

I've moved earlier "notes" postings here to the   Home Page 

Upcoming events:

(Some of the ongoing, Weekly or monthly events - have been moved below the listings by date-)


Several Churches have Wednesday suppers. Please let me know of others.
  - Calvary Episcopal has  Wednesday suppers.   Class, Yoga, etc. follow.

- St Mary's Episcopal, 700 Poplar, has a Wednesday breakfast after a brief 8 AM service. The breakfast is intended mainly for the homeless but all are welcome and it is a chance to meet people you might not meet otherwise, in a very friendly environment. (Not to mention the chance to see the wonderful history exhibit on the Yellow Fever epidemic there, if you have not visited it previously.)

- Holy Communion Episcopal, Walnut Grove, has Wednesday suppers  

- 2nd Presbyterian, Poplar and Central at Goodlett, seems to have them but I'm not sure how often,. Check their calendar at

Current and forthcoming:

June and ...     MIFA announces its "community wide read"; houses of worship may want to take part. 

Temple Israel now puts its major quarterly newsletter online vis the website Issuu. 
Other houses of worship or charities may find this site useful. 
I believe it allows free posting and publications can be downloaded if the publisher allows it.

The Fall Newsletter (and schedule) of Calvary Episcopal Church is online -     It has a lot of things I don't fit in here...

August 28. Wednesday suppers resume at Calvary Episcopal downtown. 5:30 - 6:30 PM, Charcuterie and Pasta,

Monday, Nov. 11, 2019 Lynching Sites Project. These people usually have speakers worth going out of your way to hear, and this is an exceptional one. Meeting at Idlewild Presbyterian Church from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.  We are honored to have Bishop Phoebe Roaf, of the Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee, as our guest speaker at this meeting.  Jones Building, 3rd floor at Idlewild Presbyterian.

November 13  Soul Supper at St John's Episcopal.  5:30 - 7:30. Speaker about homelessness. $10

November 13. last day to sign up for the Sabbath supper at Chabad on Nov 15. $25

November 15, Calvary Episcopal Church. Fisk Jubilee Singers in Concert. Reserve tickets at after Sept. 15.

November 17, Artist tour for anyone over age 50.
12:30 PM. for the following exhibit:
Until Nov 29. Photography Exhibit, 
At Jewish Community Center, photography by Cindy McMillion of  Holy Communion Episcopal Church.
 Her exhibit, Within Thy Gates, O Jerusalem, taken over a period of six weeks in the Old City, depicts daily life where adherents of three world religions exist in a sometimes uneasy peace.  Jewish Community Center  6560 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN 38138    Shainberg Art Gallery • Free Admission
Gallery hours: Mon.-Thurs. 8 a.m-9:30 p.m.    Sunday 8 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.

Nov 17, Book signing at Temple Israel, 3 PM.  Pick up your copy of Beloved: A View of One of the South's Oldest Jewish Cemeteries as Photographed by Murray Riss in the WRJ-Sisterhood Judaica Shop and join us for a book signing with Rabbi Micah Greenstein, Susan Thorp, and Murray Riss in the main lobby. Light refreshments will be served.

November 17. Steve Katz Concert at AMRO. 2-3:30 PM "A Whole New World".
Donations go to Mariposa Collective, which provides food and clothing toi immigrant families as they pass through Memphis.  Hosted by Rabbi Feivel Strauss; performances by Arteh Samberg, David Bearman, Rusty Graber, Fuller list at poster at 2019-11-17
2918 Poplar, enter at rear.

November 21  5 PM  Beethoven Club concert   Free. 
263 S. McLean, NW corner of Peabody and McLean

Nov 22-24, Rabbi Josh Weinberg, visiting speaker at Temple Israel
./ Multiple talks.

November 23. Trail of Tears Walk.  The forced migration of the Cherokee Nation passed through this area  November 21 - 25 1838. Under sponsorship of the American Indian Association of West Tennessee, there will a commemorative walk through Bartlett on November 23.  Please join the walk or come watch along the sideline.  Your support will be greatly appreciated. 
The walk will begin at sunrise, about 7:00 am, at Stage Road and Highway 70.  The walk will travel west down Stage Rd. to Bartlett Blvd., then turn south to Freeman Park.

November 25, 5 -7 PM. Lynching Sites Project. Jones Building, 3rd floor at Idlewild Presbyterian.

NOVEMBER 26, Tuesday INTERFAITH THANKSGIVING SERVICE. 7 PM at Temple Israel. Many Churches participate; one of the major interfaith events. Temple Israel has its entrance on East Massey; the easiest way in is to enter Massey Lane off Kirby Parkway just south of Humphreys Boulevard. West on Masey Lane, it turns left (south) to become East Massey, Temple Israel is at the top of the hill on the left. For GPS users:
   1376 E. Massey Road, Memphis, TN 38120

November 28, Thanksgiving. Among other services: Holy Communion Episcopal, 10 AM, Choir and full music. Come as you are.
December 3, Tues, 7 PM - St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral. Christmas music. Rhodes Singers

December 13, Friday, 7 PM - St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral. Christmas music. Memphis Camerata

December 23.
Winter Solstice. The Unity Church of Practical Christianity, home to many interfaith activities, has a celebration at 7:30 PM


January. World Religion Day.
"Can you kindly remind the Interfaith groups that World Religion Day Memphis will begin the pre-planning meetings tentatively the last Tuesday of each month at Caritas Village. We will be confirming that date with you shortly.
      "Please reach out to any religious faith/paths that might be interested in participating in our pre-planning meetings or become a part of the World Religion Day Memphis 2020 events, please contact us at saciranidd (at) or call 201-759-8617 (Saci Roy). "

January 26. Sunday morning at St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral. 11 AM service, 12:30 reception, 1 PM World Premier Concert, new composition by Dennis Janzer (Director of Music at St. Mary's)

Feb 23, 4 PM, St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, LeMoyne-Owen Concert Choir

February 4 (Save the Date)  Temple Israel fundraiser at GPAC,
An Evening with Jason Alexander
April 3, 6 PM, St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Marek Kudlicki, International Concert Organist

May 1-2-3 Beale Street Music Festival. Discount early tickets:
June 7, 4 PM  St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Beale Canto concert


(Some places below here have bad formatting-software bug, sorry. Zoom to 200% may help.
I'll get it fixed when I can.)

Reminder: Loyalty Cards. Many local houses of worship, and other charities, are signed up to get donations from Kroger and from Superlo foods. If you have a loyalty card at either, you must REREGISTER EVERY YEAR to make a percentage of your purchases go to your selected charity. Sign up using your loyalty number at either or both of and   Reregister now and very year on your birthday, or some other day you choose to remember.
(So far as I know,  your registration at is permanent, no reregistration required.)

Farmers Market Note:
Thistle & Bee:  Thistle & Bee: Visit Thistle & Bee at the Cooper-Young Farmers Market on the first and third Saturdays of each month. The market’s summer hours are 8 - 1. You can purchase T&B’s cold lemonade and tea by the cup or growler, their amazing granola, and other products. Products are also available at Curb Market, The Mustard Seed, St. George's Book Shoppe, and Highpoint Grocery. All products are made by women employed by Thistle & Bee, who have survived sex trafficking and prostitution. Learn more on their Facebook page (Thistle and Bee Enterprises, Inc.), and at

Current art exhibits at the Ross Gallery, Plough Library, Christian Brothers University,  (Need to check...)
Friday 8 PM  Lectures on the life of Muhammad, Memphis Islamic Center.

See the flier at
Weekly:Courthouse Advice & Counsel Clinic    Every Thursday | 1:30 pm 140 Adams Ave, Room 134, Memphis, TN 38103
Mediator of the Day  Every Thursday | 10:00 am   140 Adams Ave, Div. 4, Memphis, TN 38103
Monthly:  2SLAC (2nd Saturday Legal Aid Clinic)  Every 2nd Saturday of the month | 10:00 – 12:00 pm
Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library | 3030 Poplar Avenue Memphis, TN 38111
Veterans’ Pro Bono Clinic  2nd Tuesday of the month | 12:00 – 2:00 pm  1407 Union Ave, 11th Floor, Memphis, TN 38104

Last Tuesday of the Month: 
The Mystic: Discussion at Crosstown. Crosstown concourse, Church Health Center Community Room. A monthly gathering to find connection through music, story, and dialogue. All are welcome. Stop by. Bring a friend. Hosted by Rabbi Micah Greenstein, Dr. John Kilzer, Chris Miner, Dr. Scott Morris, and Kirk Whalum.  

First Thursday, 5:30 PM.  Potluck supper, "Faith Series", St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral. Brief service in the Sister's Chapel, potluck supper, each table will discuss a faith question of the night.  Monthly event, from Oct 2018

Last Thursday of the month:6-7 PM Monthly meeting of PERL   (People for the Enforcement of Rape Laws)
At MidSouth Peace and Justice, 3573 Southern Avenue. Organization website is
Which also has important info such as the phone number for the YWCA Domestic Violence Hotline
(Eunice Ordman was a long-time volunteer at the YWCA shelter for abused women.)

Sunday 8 AM:  Calvary Episcopal Church Community Breakfast: 
Cook or serve breakfast between 6-8 a.m. any Sunday morning for 200 poor and homeless guests at Calvary’s Community Breakfast in the Mural Room. Contact Mary Nease:

First Tuesday evening:  Catholic Ministry to Gays and Lesbians, Pot Luck supper,
all welcome. 6;30 PM. Speaker follows. Marian Hall, under the sanctuary at  Immaculate Conception Cathedral.  1695 Central Ave.    Parking lot is at the rear, around the block.

Second Tuesday: Meeting of MICAH, the Memphis Interfaith Coalition for Action and Hope. Location varies.

Third Tuesday:   Pax Christi, the Roman Catholic peace group,
pot luck supper at 6:30 PM, meeting at 7. Friends Meeting House, Walnut Grove at Prescott. 

Third Wednesday:  5:30 PM - Words3, the writers group at Holy Communion Episcopal Church. (Walnut Grove between Poplar.) 
It is nice to call in advance if you are planning to read a five minute piece. All are welcome to come listen.   

First and third Wednesdays, 6-7:30 PM.  meetings at the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center, 3573 Southern Ave.   "Memphis United", discussing criminal justice reform.
But see the Mid-South Peace and Justice website for many more kinds of meetings.

The Dixon Gallery and Gardens -  many events,  at

Indian Cultural Center and Temple. It is worth checking their website as often I get rather short notice of events.
Food is served at noon on Saturdays, if you'd like a chance to visit with the people as well as see the building.

(daily)    St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral; The Memphis Yellow Fever Epidemics. 
As Episcopal nuns were actively involved in aiding the sick, the cathedral has in its social hall a museum-quality exhibit about the epidemic.

Every Monday, 5:30-7:30 PM. Church Health Center.  Church Health offers free Health Education from 5:30-7:30 p.m. each Monday at 1115 Union. Health Education will teach you how to manage your hypertension, cholesterol, or obesity. It’s free and open to community. Registration is not required. Can’t make it on Monday? We also offer a special session from 9-11 a.m. the second Saturday of the month. Registration is required for the Saturday class. Please call 901-259-4673 to sign up.  

Every Tuesday, 10-11 AM, Short Story Group at St. Mary's Cathedral.

Every Wednesday, St Mary's Cathedral, 700 Poplar.  A brief service at 8 AM, then a breakfast. A large turnout of homeless people, everyone is welcome, a chance to visit with people you might not otherwise meet. "a hearty breakfast as well as art classes, neighborhood prayer walk, If you've never gad a chance to mingle with the homeless community on an "equal footing", this is highly recommended.
blood pressure checks, literacy classes, computer lab & career training"...

Wednesday: How many Churches have regular Wednesday evening dinners and programs? 
Calvary Episcopal downtown 5:15 - 6:15 PM, $6 adult, $3 child, $20 family max. Discussion groups follow.
Second Presbyterian (Poplar and Goodlett) also has a very nice dinner at 5:30; excellent programs / discussion groups follow.
Holy Communion Episcopal, Walnut Grove between Perkins, 5:30  $8.50 suggested donation

We get requests for information on 5K runs,
group walks, and the like, in terms of exercise, whether or not they are faith or charity related.  Those interested should look at the calendar page of Shelby Farms Park at   which has a remarkable number of events with a variety of goals and sponsorships.    5K's, bicycle events, stroller walks, nature walks, outdoor festivals, all too numerous to list here individually. If these events appeal, check their list at least monthly.

Fridays after the sunset prayer (Maghrib).  Koran, Word for Word, exposition by Imam Anwar Arafat, at Masjid Ar-Rahman.  Some  of the  Friday noon sermons at this mosque  are available online at    if you'd like to listen to a Muslim sermon.  

Wednesday Nights - Memphis Islamic Center, Islamic History, "Lives of the Sahaba" lectures by Yasir Qadhi. (Check - these are sometimes cancelled as he may travel.)  8 PM. Streamed on line and available at Youtube. Sermons are also available online.

The Hindu Temple (Indian Cultural Center and Temple, Eads.) has classes in Sanskrit and in Carnatic Music.

   Healthy Memphis - Common Table has a website on the subject of end-of-life planning at
They can also provide speakers on this topic for houses of worship or other organizations.


Should I sometimes mention regular services  or events that are not at the usual hour? E.g.
St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral has a Communion and Breakfast every Wednesday at 8 AM.  St Mary's will have a new cookbook for sale from Nov 8.
Temple Israel has a regular Bible discussion group with breakfast ("Torah Study", but colloquially "Bagels and Bible") with lox, bagels, and other goodies, at 8:45 Saturday mornings - most arrive by 8:30 to start eating before class. (Yes, Temple Israel also has Sunday School classes on Sunday.)
Masjid Ar-Rahman has a Koran study Friday evenings.  (start at sunset) -
see also

Allegro Music in Germantown prepares a weekly guide to musical events in Memphis. They are clearly finding out about some events (especially in churches) that I don't. They have allowed me to reproduce their weekly newsletter at

No, I don't list everything here from many of the organizations I hear from. Sometimes word gets to me too late, or the events are too numerous or too specialized.  Do check the websites of churches or other houses of worship that appeal to you, and websites of such groups as
the Church Health Center  ,
MIFA   ,
Bridges ,,
The Baha'i calendar of local events is at
--- what others?

Sept 7 and every Sunday 2:30-4, Memphis Islamic Center, ages 13 and up. "Seven Habits of Highly Effective Muslim Teenagers."  I don't normally post house-of-worship youth group meetings, but I liked the title. Further info Br Malik at 734.644.1966
The Memphis Islamic Center provides a set of links
Which I think well exemplifies good use of social media - it has a lot of sermons and other talks, but I didn't immediately see youth-group related material there.

(Aug 2015 notice) Traditional Indian Dance Lessons at the Indian Cultural Center and Temple:
Kuchipudi Dance Classes by Indian Ballet Theatre
Every Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM
Venue: ICCT Multi-Cultural Pavilion
Fee: A nominal donation of $ 40 per month
Dance Masters - Master Ramana and Chandra Prabha Vasili
Contact Master Ramana at (901) 387-9646 for additional details

6 PM Fridays - music and prayer: Award-winning musician Rev. John Kilzer hosts The Way, a service of recovery, at 6 p.m. every Friday at St. John's United Methodist Church, 1207 Peabody Ave. The Way focuses on recovery, encouragement, and hope. Music is a key component of the service with many local musicians stopping by to perform. The service, which is a joint ministry of Methodist Healthcare, St. John's, and the Church Health Center, is free and open to the public. For more information, call 901-726-4104 or visit

The Church Health Center

The Church Health Center Newsletter has too many events to list them all here. I've put excerpts from the newsletter of May 30, 2016 at
    A few examples:
*Farmer's Market Tuesdays through Oct 25/ 
1115 Union Ave. Join us at 9 a.m. for a free healthy cooking class; the market then runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
* Canoe and Kayak Race June 18

* The Church Health Center now offers free Diabetes Education, a 2-class series that will give you the skills to self-manage your condition. Classes are held each Tuesday from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Church Health Center Wellness, 1115 Union. Registration is not required, and you may start at any point during the month. Can’t make it on Tuesday? Diabetes Education is presented in its entirety from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. the second Saturday of each month. Registration is required for the Saturday course. Please call 901-701-2221 to sign up.

* The Church Health Center offers free Commit to Quit smoking cessation groups each month. Four-week group sessions start the first Tuesday of every month from 6 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. at Church Health Center Wellness, 1115 Union Ave. Call 901-701-2222 to enroll.


The Memphis Jewish Federation and Jewish Foundation of Memphis are increasingly doing things jointly, as "Jewish Community Partners." They have a calendar of Jewish events, at

We are experimenting with putting some Quran excerpts, organized by Tanvir Kazmi, on-line. (more will arrive!) Is there interest in this?   The first very rough draft attempt is at

Christ United Methodist Church (Poplar opposite Oak Court Mall) has its website (including events lists and on-line sermons)

Which farmers markets shall we mention here?
  of course the one that runs all year: First Congregational Church.
"Year-round every Saturday, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Find us at the corner of Cooper St & Walker Ave. in the parking lot of First Congo  "

On Fridays the Tri-State Defender puts out a nice "this weekend in Memphis" activities list. I think the actual web address changes weekly but you'll typically find the link somewhere on the page

 SOUP KITCHEN: Every Tuesday at 3:30 PM  the Muslim Student Association at the University of Memphis  recruits volunteers for the Soup Kitchen sponsored by  Rhodes College which takes place at St. John's United Methodist Church, 1207 Peabody Ave., Memphis 38104.  All are welcome to come help it you'd enjoy meeting these young people. Even better, if you are out way east, meet with some of them at the Memphis Islamic Center (near Walnut Grove and Houston Levee - see our address page) at 2:45 and the carpools leave at 3 PM. For info contact  Br. Shehroz Kazmi at 901-216-1022.

The "OneCommunityCenter" (Yoga, meditation, holistic health) now has a Facebook page

2nd Wednesday, 6-7:30 PM. Monthly general meeting of the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center, 3573 Southern Ave.    

Facing History      maintains an events list at

The Prizm Ensemble 
This is a musical group (classical chamber music) headquartered at Shady Grove Presbyterian Church, corner of Shady Grove and Yates, with its most important activity being a music camp and concert series (talented musicians ages 12 and up) in June each year.

Bridges, the youth service agency (  ) has substantially enlarged its "Bridge Builders" program, with regular events for young people from 6th grade to 12th grade.  This is an
excellent and very intercultural program and depends heavily on having a large variety of participants. It is often the first time that an inner-city young person encounters a Muslim or a Jew (or vice-versa.) We recommend it highly. On the other hand, I don't know how many readers of this page have kids in that age range or work with youth groups. I'd appreciate feedback on how often we should be reporting on "Bridge Builders" events. On this point, mail to or call 327-9735.

Have you ever visited the Memphis Sikh house of worship, 8221 Macon Rd, Cordova, TN 38018?
The web site with the schedule of services is at  

Alternate Tuesday evenings. (Started Sept 4)  There is a program at the Memphis Islamic Center in the late evening (after the Isha prayer, which recently has been starting at 9:30 PM.) For roughly half an hour, Sheik Yasir Qadhi, Memphis's nationally known Muslim cleric, answers questions from Muslims on "Practical issues facing Muslims", questions which may run from technical questions about prayer and eating to questions about politics and civil rights. Non-Muslims who wonder how Muslims are adjusting to the United States, or want to learn more about the practical problems facing Muslims in American society, might want to go and listen.

Sundays 11 AM and Fridays 7PM - Buddhist Meditation and Dharma Talk - Link Here
      A friend who attends the Sunday morning program points out that following the meditation, chanting, and brief lecture, there is a free Vietnamese lunch at the Vietnamese Buddhist Temple next door.

Training programs at Mid-South Peace and Justice Center. I have a problem: they do too much for me to list, but it is scattered between their website,
their Facebook page, and e-mails.  I'll continue to list an occasional activity here, but I urge people to go to their website and sign up for their e-mails.

Church Health Center Events:

Free cooking classes are offered in the demonstration kitchen at Church Health Center Wellness, 1115 Union Avenue, every Thursday at 9 a.m.,10:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. For more information, call (901) 259-4673, or visit

The Church Health Center and MIFA will host a farmers market from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesdays starting May 7 and running through September 24 at Church Health Center Wellness, 1115 Union Ave. The Market accepts credit, debit, cash and EBT. For more information, call Suzanne Ray at (901) 259-4673, Ext. 2237 or visit

The Church Health Center is now offering Wings Cancer Support Groups at 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month at Church Health Center Wellness, 1115 Union Ave. For more information, call (901) 259-4673.

Award-winning musician Rev. John Kilzer will host The Way, a service of recovery at 6 p.m. every Friday at St. John’s United Methodist Church, 1207 Peabody Ave. The Way focuses on recovery, encouragement and hope. Music will be a key component of the service with many local musicians stopping by to perform. The service, which is a joint ministry of Methodist Healthcare, St. John’s and the Church Health Center is free and open to the public. For more information, call (901) 726-4104 or visit  

The Church Health Center is offering a free, six-week course on diabetes education, helping people to take control of their diabetes. Classes are Mondays at 11 a.m. or Thursdays at 6 p.m. at Church Health Center Wellness, 1115 Union Avenue. Those interested can start anytime. For more information, call (901) 259-4673. No reservation required.

The Church Health Center and The University of Tennessee Health Science Center are hosting the 2013 Women's Health Conference ("Our Bodies, Ourselves") from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, September 26, at the UT Alumni Center, 800 Madison Ave. Registration required; seating is limited. Register at or call 901-701-2254.

Farmers Markets <seasonal, except for the one at First Congregational Church>
and Cooper-Young, "Year-round every Saturday, 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. Find us at the corner of Cooper St & Walker Ave. in the parking lot of First Congo  "

Please let me know of things that should be included.
 We also welcome reports of events you attended.

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